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"Our motto is to never leave the client without a notary"
                                                      -Sue Hasseler/Co-Founder

"NOTARIES HELPING NOTARIES" (NHN) is an "Invitation Only" group of Notary Signing Agents and a referral system for professional notaries that works like this:  

          When a member receives a request for work that they are unable to accommodate because it is too far away or they are otherwise booked or they simply cannot service because it is outside their own personal service area, they offer both the client (and 1-5 notaries) a referral to one another.  Upon this referral, the notary who accepts the assignment negotiates their own price -based upon their own price/pricing structure-directly with the client and completes the assignment as they normally would transact business.  For this referral, the signer who conducted the signing then pays the referring member a flat 20% finders fee ON THEIR HONOR within 30 calendar days when possible [just a guideline folks!].

          Participants failing to pay other notaries for work that they have accepted will be removed from the group via a "1-strike" policy.
Notaries within the group may suggest Colleagues/Notary professionals by sending us their information [via email please] for acceptance onto the list.  Notaries wishing to be considered may also send a request.  (NHN) is looking to expand our service areas across California (and perhaps further at some point).  The preferred NSA's are "Professional" full-time Notaries who have significant experience and an impeccable reputation.  We also want individuals who are forthright, trustworthy and who operate in an honest and open way.

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