"A Quick Note"/A+ Mobile Notary / Susan's Mobile Notary  

                                                       (949) 279-6​874


-Same day appointments (based on availability)

-Document laser printing


-Bonded and Insured Notaries

-Evening and Weekend Appointments

-Notary coaching and support

-Referrals via Notaries Helping Notaries [when schedules are hectic]


 "A QUICK NOTE" MOBILE NOTARY AND DOCUMENT DELIVERY SERVICE / A+ MOBILE NOTARY / SUSAN'S MOBILE NOTARY specializes in traveling to our client's homes and places of business.  We DO NOT OFFER signings at a fixed location/office-All services are MOBILE services.  Traveling fees vary depending on distance traveled within Southern California.  Please call or text [to our (949) 279-6874 number] for a quote and to set an appointment.  Note: For individual "Mobile Notary" documents (General Notary Work) travel fee will be waived when you have more than 7 notarized signatures and schedule an appointment.

State of California standard per notarized signature fee is $15.00* for most.

Loan Document Packages range from $135 to $350 and can be negotiated.

Download/Printing fees are $50 and reduced to $25 when documents arrive the day prior to any scheduled signing. 

General Notary Work or "Mobile Notary" assignments are charged a trip charge based upon our travel (minimum trip is $39) plus $15.00* per notarized signature. 

Notary Mentoring is available on a limited basis and is based upon an 8 hour exposure that can be tailored to your specific needs.  Each 8 hours is a flat fee at: $175.00

*BE ADVISED: This is New Pricing effective 01/01/2017 based upon CA Assembly Bill 2217 for details click>    ​https://goo.gl/VGVPBI  

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